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Shalemar Sharbatly is an Instinctive Saudi Painter who earned her bachelor degree in psychology at King Abdul-Aziz university in Saudi Arabia and later completed her masters in criminology at the Lebanese university in Beirut. Born in Cairo in 1971 to an Egyptian mother and a Saudi father, Shalemar first started painting at the age of 3; she grew up amidst canvases, colors, beauty and art.
Her earlier influences began with her mother, who, herself, is a graduate of a fine art college in Cairo. She introduced Shalemar to a world of expressionism and brushes. Her family played a role as well. Being born into a powerful business-oriented household, Shalemar was able to see the world and look beyond into a world of creativity and colors.
At 13 years old, Shalemar’s paintings were published in the prestigious Egyptian arts and culture magazine “Sabah Al Kheir” where her talents were embraced by many renowned painters and artists like Abdel Aal and Salah Taher. In 1986, Shalemar had her first exhibition, making her the youngest female painter in the Arab world to accomplish this. Her paintings were very well received by Egypt’s greatest painters and artists including Farouk Jwaideh, Salah Taher and Louis Greiss.
She then took part in art exhibitions in Jeddah where her paintings were displayed next to renowned and international artists like Abel Halim Radwa and Omar Al Najdy. Her exhibitions include the General Presidency for Youth Welfare, Atelier Jeddah and the Ministry of Culture’s moving exhibitions. She was also named amongst the top 100 people who influenced arts and culture in Jeddah.
Ever since, Shalemar has grown to international recognition with exhibitions and shows covering the world. She is a celebrated painter who has won numerous international prizes and worldwide exhibitions.
Shalemar was the first female painter to be commissioned by the Saudi government to paint statues in the famous avenues of Jeddah. Paintings that remain to this day among the most celebrated paintings of Saudi Arabia. Her international exhibitions include collaborations with Juan Ramirez, the rightful heir to Salvador Dali, in 2006 at Montmartre in Paris and in Marbella in Spain in 2007. Shalemar Sharbatly is currently married to Egyptian cinema director Khaled Youssef and resides between Jeddah and Paris.